Spring is almost here! If you are planning a garden, here are a few tips to make it fun and safe for your cat to enjoy.

  1. Choose plants carefully – Do you know what plants and flowers are harmful to cats? Lilies are toxic to cats and can cause kidney damage. Other harmful plants include marigold, oak, peony, wisteria, buttercup, and daffodil.
  2. Avoid chemicals – Garden chemicals can be harmful to cats. Use cat-friendly, organic alternatives to garden chemicals to prevent harm.
  3. Create a playground – Cats love to climb, sit on high perches, and roam around through bushes. The more interesting you make your garden, the more fun your cat will have.
  4. Provide shelter – Your cat will feel more secure if you provide shelter and a place to hide in your garden. This will ensure they won’t overheat in the summer, and it also gives them somewhere to hide so they feel safe and can relax.
  5. Deter neighboring cats – Cats are very territorial, and neighboring cats in the garden can cause conflict. Adding a strip of plastic mesh at the top of your fence should keep other cats out, and it should also deter your cat from leaving your garden.