Pets with allergies or special dietary needs often struggle to find products that keep them healthy without causing health problems. With these pets in mind, Tartar Shield developed DentaTabs; tasteless, odorless, and calorie free powder that dissolves in your pet’s drinking water. With DentaTabs, pets with special diets can have healthy teeth and gums without risking an allergic reaction or other medical complications. DentaTabs are ideal for food-sensitive pets because they do not contain wheat or animal products, any amount of fat, or other ingredients commonly banned from special diets. Instead, DentaTabs contain Malic Acid, a naturally occurring ingredient found in citrus fruits, and Cetyl Pyridinium Chloride, an anti-microbial ingredient found in mouthwash. Clinical studies have shown that these two ingredients reduce tartar formation by 49% and malodor by 50%. They also work to decrease calcium buildup and gingivitis. For more information about DentaTabs or to order them for your pet, visit here.