Obedience training is an important way for you and your pet to form a relationship of mutual trust and respect. Whether you are teaching your dog basic commands or helping them learn new tricks, here are some things to keep in mind to help you and your dog have successful training sessions:

  • Be consistent. Make sure everyone who spends time with your dog understands what behavior is acceptable and utilizes consistent commands and offers consistent rewards.
  • Train throughout the day. It’s useful to have a few brief training sessions throughout the day to keep your pet engaged and help them remember the behavior.
  • Determine the rewards. Increasing the value and occurrence of rewards can help improve your dog’s response and behavior. Every dog is different and their reward preference will vary. Find what your dog likes best and offer that for their good behavior. Some examples of rewards include offering treats, praise, petting, and playing with their favorite toy.
  • Manage the training environment. When you are in the early stages of training your pet, select a distraction-free environment. As your pet progresses in their training, gradually increase distractions so they can practice and perform the behavior in varying conditions, which is especially important when teaching your dog a recall command.