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Tartar Shield Sprinkles is a simple solution to better oral health for your pet. Sprinkle on your pet’s meal for a delicious topping that helps keep teeth clean and breath fresh. Pets love the beef taste too!

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Tartar Shield Sprinkles is a simple solution to better oral health for your pet. Sprinkle on your pet’s meal for a delicious topping that helps keep teeth clean and breath fresh. Pets love the beef taste too!


Sprinkles uses two clinically proven ingredients, Sodium Tripolyphosphate to prevent tartar formation and Cetyl Pyridinium Chloride to prevent plaque formation and malodor. Multiple research trials show that this patented combination helps clean teeth, reduces bacteria, freshens breath, and prevents plaque and tartar build-up.

Flaxseed Meal provides Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3 and 6), is high in fiber, and is a rich source of lignans. These combine to benefit your pet’s immune system, improve skin and coat health, reduce cancer risks, and help with arthritis or other joint problems.


Sprinkle as a tasty topping on your pet’s meals. Pets up to 25 pounds, use 1/2 to 1 tsp, pets 26 to 50 pounds, use 1 to 2 tsp and pets over 50 pounds, use 2 to 3 teaspoons. To improve shelf life, refrigerate after opening.


Beef, Flaxseed Meal, Sodium Tripolyphosphate and Cetyl Pyridinium Chloride. Made in the USA with US ingredients.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (min) . . . . .32%

Crude Fat (min) . . . . . . .   20%

Crude Fiber (max) . . . . . .10%

Moisture (max) . . . . . . .   10%

Calories per teaspoon . . . . 10

8 reviews for Tartar Shield Sprinkles (80 g)

  1. Susan Janes (verified owner)

    I learned about this product at my vets. I thought I would give it a try. Having been a vet tech for a number . I was the person who did the dentals at the practice. I found the Sprinkles worked very well. The tarter was much less and was softer. I own six dogs and dentals are expensive. This helps a great deal. I made sure to let my vet know that this product has helped.

  2. S. Miller

    Introduced by my Vet for our 6-lb. Papillon, I’ve seen a good reduction in plaque buildup. Odor has reduced as well. Not only expensive but teeth cleaning on these little guys is no joke. It’s essential to stay on top of dental health for them in a proactive way…they’re very sensitive to anesthesia & want to avoid as much as possible. Glad to find this product!

  3. Nancy Hauth (verified owner)

    Our dog and cats love Sprinkles. Our cat Midnight usually licks the sprinkles off first and then goes back to his soft food. Our Yorkie, as with many small dogs, has problems with healthy teeth, not to mention loosing them. I feel Sprinkles is a good way to ward off dental tartar and plaque. Prevention is worth everything. I just had everyone’s teeth cleaned last fall, so I will be curious to see how well Sprinkles has worked. I have purchased this product at the vet or reordered on line several times. I am extremely happy with this it and will order it again!

  4. Rochelle Reynolds (verified owner)

    My Havapoo Bruiser luvs all the yummy products. My Vet highly recommended the dental chews. Happy doggie 😊

  5. Janice Prokop-Heitman (verified owner)

    My Jack Russell Mix pups (2) are enjoying your products much more than when I am chasing them and trying to manually brush their teeth. I still brush their teeth but know that I have Tartar Shield biscuits, Sprinkles, and Soft Chews on my side as a partner to assist with their dental care. Their teeth are looking better every day! Thank goodness for your products and that my Vet Dentist had your brochure and samples in his office! They love and look forward to them every day. 🙂

  6. doggieMom81 (verified owner)

    Our vet recommended these for our KC Cavalier and it really helped his sour breath and his teeth look much brighter, too. Good stuff! I’ still brush his teeth also, but its much easier having these as a supplement keeping his teeth nice in between brushings.

  7. Barbara L. (verified owner)

    My veterinary dentist recommended using Tartar Shield Sprinkles after my dogs had their annual teeth cleaning last year. They weren’t fans of any water additives, so I figured we’d try the beef sprinkles. I have 4 dogs, and they all love it! After using it for a year, their recent teeth cleaning showed a marked decrease in tartar, especially on their back teeth. This is the only pet product that I have on auto ship.

  8. Elizabeth Hallmark (verified owner)

    This stuff has worked miracles, especially on our little Louie! ❤️ His “Hound from Hell” breath is gone! Both our dogs live the way it tastes on their food, too. The only criticism I have is that it isn’t available in a larger size. Guess we’ll just have to order them 2-3 at a time😺

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